Tibor Molnar founded the Tiberius string quartet 25 years ago and now being the State Quartet of the Tg-Mures Philarmonic Orchestra he is touring all over the world.Even before he was founding member of  The Harriers rock band, where he played guitar and was lead vocalist.Having the classical music in one side and rock music on the other, with the time he try it to mix them, making transcriptions for the string quartet of many other styles of music.Inspired by Mozart operas and Jesus Christ Superstar he tries to make a new sound having classical organ , string quartet, a rock band and four singers, where the instruments have equal role.Having the amazing Wurlitzer organ at Troxy, definitely it will be a special show, the organ showing the joyful but also the endless power of God.

Song inspirations: generally a mix of quiet – beautiful classical parts inspired mostly by Brahms and Schubert and energetic punk.”From Schubert to death-metal”.
“All these hands” – inspired by the useless recent wars and the magic of the variety of humans, and the need to stay together and love each other as we have the same Father.
“Good bye” - the death of the quartet’s cellist Peter Kozma
“Attention”  - inspired by the movie “Hilary and Jackie” ( Tibor’s favorite movie) end of the song inspired by death-metal music
“Life”- hungarian and romanian folk music inspiration
“Toccata”of Widor – religious inspiration, a transcription representing the power of God beyond life and death and human imagination
“Stranger” & “Quiet” – inspiration from ACDC and punk rock
“Second” – slow parts inspired by Schubert’s “Ave Maria” also metal-rap elements
“Look” – strange, but has modulations of Nirvana mixed with feelings of Dream Theater and Brahms
“Where” – inspired by Brahms and Dream Theater
“Let me” – from a piano quartet by Brahms, a piece in ¾, unique in this style, like a “metal-waltz”
“Supposed” – church music, Gun’s Roses and Mozart
“Cocktail” – Sugababes: “Push the button” &  Sting :“Every breath you take”
“Don’t call” – Piazzolla and the 80’s
“Poison” & “Cruel” – Dream Theater, punk and Schubert’s “Ave Maria”, in “Cruel” also Bartok harmonies
“Hold my hand”- also funk elements
“Intermezzos” at the end - from church music
“So much” – Brahms and Dream Theater

“The show idea came from my friend, the painter Zsolt Bodoni who painted that face we use in the poster, that we named, 20 years ago, “Cruel”. I told myself what if we complement our works, mix them together as a whole – and I started to link a couple of related songs… and, why not more - to link them in a rock opera. So I put together some songs, some of them 25 years old and studying their lyrics I imagined the story that I filled up with the” missing” scenes as the plot requested. The essential thing is that the music has always been composed in relation with the text. Never the music or the lyrics went first and I dedicate this opera to my daughters Kincső and Emese.” Tibor Molnar